Personalised Nutrition Consultation Services

Tailored nutritional consultation plans to fit
your lifestyle and needs


 I do one to one consultation in English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu, face to face or online to help you address the root cause of your ailment:

If you wish to book in for your consultation, I will send you a health questionnaire, terms and conditions and 7 day food diary that would need to be completed prior to the full consultation. This will give me some indication of your current health and diet. If any tests have been carried out by your GP then a copy of this will be most helpful.

The consultation will last approximately one hour where I will discuss all your body systems with you and establish your main areas of concern.  A personalised diet and life-style plan will then be formulated and emailed/posted to you. Diagnostic tests may also be recommended but these are optional and the reason for their recommendation fully explained. Your personalised plan ( not a meal plan) may also include supplement recommendations where my practitioner discount of 10% will be offered.

Tailor-made Packages are also available to keep you motivated and on track.

Flexibility of Consultations

As we all lead a very busy life, I offer a range of consultations that meet the needs of all my clients:

  • I offer consultations evenings, weekends as well as during the day
  • You can be based anywhere as I do consultations using Online Platforms: Microsoft Teams & Zoom
  • Home visits/ mutual convenient place to meet in West Midlands can also be arranged.
  • I offer a free 15 minute trial consultation for you to establish whether you wish to book a full consultation.  Consultations are also available in Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu. I have in depth knowledge/understanding on Asian diets and hence can advise what is lacking in terms of nutrients.

I deliver Nutrition workshops/talks


  • Schools-It is vital that we educate young people on the importance of nutrition so they can make the right food choices at an early age
  • Corporates– The well-being of all employees is vital to all employers to increase their productivity. By educating them about the importance of eating nutritious food will enable them to eat healthy which means less days off sick!
  • Community- Educating the community, in particular to those who are on low income is vital so that they can make simple food swaps that leads to better nutritional intake hence better health for individuals in the future

All workshops are tailored to meet your intended outcome as an Employer, Community organisation or as an Educationalist. Both talks and workshops are available in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu as well as English


  • Full member with the Naturopathic Nutritional Association (NNA)
  • Clear Enhanced DBS checked certificate.
  • Emergency First Aid Certificate.
  • Fully insured
  • Trained Health Coacher


From £75.00 to £85.00 for individual full consultations and £40/£50 for follow up

If you would like a consultation on Nutrition only the cost is £45

£45 (up to an hr) for talks to the Community/organisations/schools

The Brain Health Programme

Frequently Asked Questions

By the time symptoms develop the disease/condition has been establishing its roots for some time so even though you may not have any symptoms it is advised to get a consultation so that you can make sure you are eating food that contains all the nutrients it needs for the body to function optimally. Prevention is better than a cure!

Your body needs B vitamins and magnesium for the mitochondria (energy machines in cells of your body) to generate energy so if your diet is lacking in these then your diet could be part of the cause.

Vitamin D is obtained from sun exposure, during Autumn/Winter we are not exposed to sunlight to enable the synthesis of Vitamin D therefore it is vital that we supplement during the months of October to March. Vit D has numerous important functions in the body.

Protein can be found in a number of vegetarian sources: Tofu, Tempeh, Lentils, Chickpeas. Almonds……to name a few.

If your diet is very good and you have no other health condition then may be not but if you are not eating properly or have a condition that affects the ability to absorb nutrients from food then yes.